Vivix, located in the municipality of Goiana (PE), is one of the most modern float glass plants in the world and is the only one in the country whose capital is 100% Brazilian. In January 2014, the company initiated the heating of its first furnace and in February of this same year, it started to produce the first entirely Brazilian glass plates. The enterprise is the result of an investment of over R$1 billion and includes, in addition to the manufacturing unit, its own raw material processing plant, located in the municipality of Pedra de Fogo (PB). Vivix will produce colorless, colored and laminated float glass, as well as mirror glass, mainly for the civil construction and furniture industries. Vivix generates some 410 direct jobs and 1,500-plus indirect positions.

The plant, occupying a 90 thousand sq.m. built-up area, counts on cutting-edge technology to manufacture world-class float glass. The company’s technology partner in this business is the French group Fives, the world’s leader in float glass technology that is present in over 30 countries. Vivix has introduced the L.E.M.™ (Low Energy Melter™) in Brazil, a cutting-edge technology that provides the company with a highly energy-efficient production process. The unit’s output capacity is 900 tons/day, and annual revenues are expected to reach BRL 500 million from the first year of operations.

As part of its strategic planning, Vivix has started up commercial operations in August 2011 by selling imported float glass. To that end, Vivix entered into valuable commercial alliances with international suppliers, which ended up generating an interchange of both technologies and best practices in float glass production. In support of these business actions, two distribution hubs (in the Brazilian states of Pernambuco and São Paulo) were inaugurated in early 2012.